Butter and Spice Co.

Proud to be a Minnesota company!

Matt VanVoltenberg thanks you for visiting his website. After managing truck stop, steakhouse, sports bar and Italian restaurants in his 20+ year career, it was time to share his spice rubs with everyone.

Butter and Spice Co. is an online retailer of butter infused spice rubs, specially formulated for grilling and smoking your favorite meats. We appreciate the support and great reviews that we have received. You may see us around the Twin Cities at local BBQ contests and specialty markets.

Our spices are blended and packaged in a USDA certified plant so our products are fresh, consistent, and high quality. You can use them on meats, vegetables, French fries, hash browns, seafood, the choice is yours. We are confident once you try these great spice rubs, you will get creative and use them on everything!

Please try our rubs, you will not be disappointed.

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