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Smoked Pork n Beans

Traveling Deep behind Enemy Lines tomorrow cooking for a bunch a Aladamnbamer fans .....LOL LSU/Alabama game tomorrow night and we gonna throw down... gettin everything ready.... are all that is left just gotta pull the Rib Meat and toss it in the pan....Drink Please

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Phat Bone In Pork Chops with #butterandspiceco

Finally got around to havin some time to Chillax And Cook Groceries... Phat Bone In Pork Chops with #butterandspiceco and #bbqbytophattongueticklerrub Roasted Red taters and Corn on da Cob, All done on da Akern... Tender and Juicy Chops= solid 9+ Used the Butter and Spice original rub on the taters too along with my special blend of 7 different peppers. Good Dinner... Have a Great Week!!!

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