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Cold smoked a couple Butter & Spice Co.

Cold smoked a couple Butter & Spice Co. The Original seasoned rib-eye steaks with oak for an hour. Then fired up the grill for searing the steaks over the Vortex and while we had The Original seasoned mushrooms and also hash browns on the griddle. Both my wife and I liked the seasonings flavor on the steak, on the mushrooms my wife was just giddy over the flavor the seasoning added… it was an excellent meal!

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Another happy customer

Made up small batches of rub today first off and then finally have all the Meat prepped up and ready to go... The Smoker is locked and loaded ready for fire and groceries.... Will do the Pork n Beans after everything goes on the smoker.... the additional 3lbs of Chicken and 3lbs Sausage will get grilled up for the Jambalaya and finally the Sausages play last fiddle. Ribs and Chicken both base coated in #butterandspiceco Original Rub and then #TongueTickler on the Ribs and #MotherClucker on da Chicken. Time to put the feet up and close my eyes for a few hours.

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From Jodi!!

Giving a shout out to the BUTTER AND Spice Co. I put the original butter and spice blend rub in my bacon grease gravy, and the guys absolutely loved it. I am in love with this stuff lol

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