Smoked Ribs and Beans today

It was a great day using 3 different rubs and 4 different sauces. I used Byrons Butt Rub on a rack. Another Sams club brand on a rack and #barbecuebutterrub on a rack. I made a cherry Chipotle sauce and put it on my #butterandspiceco rack. It is the one on the right in the pics much prettier red color and mine was the best in flavor balance. Number 2 was the fleet farm brand and number 3 was Byrons. It is just too salty for ribs in my opinion. Great on a pork butts though, I give them that. I tried to be objective. I think #barbecuebutterrub was the clear winner. Thank goodness Haha. We also did smoked beans and they were yummy. Get yours at www.butterandspiceco.comRibs #barbecuebutterrub

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