Grillin N Chillin review!!! Butter and Spice Co.

Products Reviewed: Hickory Butter Rub and Barbecue Butter Rub

When you hear about BBQ, Grilling or Smoking, what words come to mind for you? Perhaps words like, smoke, wood, charcoal, Low N Slow? Then you start thinking about sauces or rubs. What do you think about when you think of Rubs? Do you like the wet or dry rubs? What about the dry rubs, you got things like Butter. Wait, what, Butter in a dry rub? That is exactly what I thought when I was looking over these products when they were sent to me to sample. But as I told my family after eating the chicken, I am a believer now. Butter & Spice Co., has been working to perfect the right combos of spices and Butter, yes butter. The butter in the mix eliminates the use of oils or mustards, or liquid butter. The meat uses its own moisture to make the rub stick better and once the rub gets a little wet, the butter goes to work. It gets down into the meat and helps keep the meats natural juices locked in during cooking. I have cooked a lot of chicken on my grill, always indirect, and no matter what I do, it’s juicy at 1st then it’s a little dry. I used the Barbecue Butter Rub and followed the directions that say to “Apply liberally, refrigerate 1-2 hours, and cook on med/high heat”. Well, I did that and HOLY COW, best chicken I have ever cooked. The chicken was moist from the moment it came off the grill till later that night when I went back to get little snack. The flavor wasn’t over powering at all. The barbecue is a great combo of sweet and a little heat. Great taste, gives the chicken a beautiful color finish. I also used the Hickory Butter Rub on some burgers I grilled up and got the same results. My burgers are always juicy, but these were really juicy, and full of great Hickory flavor (which is my favorite).

Pros: Amazing flavor, just one flavor works well with a wide variety of meats. This works out well so you don’t have to have 6 different rubs for 6 different meats. Leaves your meat with a gorgeous color, (who doesn’t want good looking meats?), cause remember Presentation, Presentation, Presentation. Juicy, especially with chicken, as it tend to get a little dry at times. Great prices and they have variety packs set up so you can get several flavors.

Cons: The only thing I could find wrong was with the lid on the bottle. Perhaps a little bit bigger holes, as they kept clogging up a time or two. Other than that nothing was wrong with this rub.

Overall: AMAZING, is all I can say. Great products, great flavor, super-fast shipping, great group of people, go check them out today and tell them we sent ya. Have a great day, and God Bless.

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